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Reviews and Liner Notes


1. Linda Balgord Mark Strand Eating Poetry
2. Musical Interlude: An Ever-fixed Mark Poems about Love
3. Emily Skinner Edna St. Vincent Millay Love Is Not All
4. Joanna Gleason Pablo Neruda Sonnet XVII
5. Brent Barrett William Shakespeare Sonnet XIX
6. Barbara Feldon Margaret Atwood I Would Like To Watch You Sleep
7. Michael Cerveris Michael Ondaatje The Cinnamon Peeler
8. Christine Baranksi William Shakespeare Love Looks Not With the Eyes
9. John Behlmann William Shakespeare Hang There, My Verse
10. Judy Kaye e. e. cummings i thank God for this most amazing day
11. Mike Doyle Samuel L. Johnson Lovers on a Bench
12. Bobby Steggert Pablo Naruda If You Forget Me
13. Judith Light Jonathan Stohler Soft Knife
14. Charles Kimbrough Robert Browning Meeting at Night
15. Michele Pawk Mary Karr Last Love
16. Chander Williams Frank O’Hara To the Harbormaster
17. Musical Interlude: A Star Danced Poems about Joy
18. Carole Shelley William Wordsworth Composed Upon Westminster Bridge
19. Ciaran O’Reilly William Butler Yeats Aedh Wishes for The Cloths of Heaven
20. Michael Rupert Allen Ginsberg A Supermarket in California
21. Nancy Opel Amy Clampitt The Sun Underfoot Among The Sundews
22. Reed Birney Don Blanding Some Lines Scrawled on The Door of a Vagabond’s House
23. Brenda Wehle Jane Hirshfield Lake and Maple
24. Lauren Kennedy Wallace Stevens The House Was Quiet And the World Was Calm
25. Philip Casnoff Dylan Thomas Fern Hill
26. Musical Interlude: Guilding Monuments Poems about Poems
27. Roxanne Hart Marianne Moore Poetry
28. Ann Hampton Callaway Rainer Maria Rilke The Sonnets to Orpheus (3)
29. Douglas Sills Paul Monette Contexts


1. Musical Interlude: Beauty’s Rose Poems for the Young at Heart
2. Jason Alexander Lewis Carroll The Walrus and The Carpenter
3. Cynthia Nixon A.A. Milne Vespers
4. Peter Friedman Denise Levertov Psalm Concerning the Castle
5. Matthew Schechter Shel Silverstein The Poison Tester
6. Alan Campbell Thomas Lux A Little Tooth
7. Amanda Green Lewis Carroll You Are Old, Father Williams
8. Ramona Mallory Shel Silverstein The Nap Taker
9. Tony Walton Peter Cook Blue Football
10. Musical Interlude: Thereby Hangs a Tale Story Poems
11. Cady Huffman Taylor Mali ** A Dog Named Bodhidsattva
12. Gregory Jbara William Shakespeare Bottom’s Dream
13. Paige Davis Edward Field New Yorkers
14. Daniel Okulitch Tony Hoagland** Self-Improvement
15. Michael Minarik A.R. Ammons Beautiful Woman
16. Charles Busch Robert Browning My Last Duchess
17. Lauren Flanigan Arnold Weinstein Grosz
18. Edward Hibbert John Betjeman Sun and Fun
19. Moises Kaufman Tennessee Williams Life Stories
20. Peter Paige Ann Sexton To a Friend Who’s Work Has Come to Triumph
21. Dean Pitchford Dorothy Parker Song of a Hopeful Heart
22. Sam Robards Shido Bunan Die While You’re Alive
23. Tom McGowan D.H. Lawrence Afternoon in School, The Last Lesson
24. Musical Interlude: Sound and Fury Poems about Great Adventures
25. Donald Corren Edgar Allan Poe Annabel Lee
26. John Rubinstein Samuel Taylor Coleridge *The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (excerpt)
27. Chris Sarandon Alfred, Lord Tennyson Ulysses
28. Musical Interlude: A Dish For The Gods Poems about Women
29. Francesca Faridany Muriel Rukeyser Myth
30. Michael Learned Edna St. Vincent Millay An Ancient Gesture
31. Veanne Cox John Milton Paradise Lost (Eve)
32. Nancy Anderson William Blake Mary
33. Guy Paul Andrew Marvell To His Coy Mistress
34. Donna Lynne Champlin Meryn Cadell The Job Interview
35. Beth Howland Dorothy Parker Love Song
36. Maria Tucci W.B. Yeats A Prayer for My Daughter

* The Complete Poem is available for download on itunes. ** An article by this poet is in the liner notes booklet.


1. Musical Interlude: To Thine Own Self Poems Offering Advise
2. Tyne Daly W.H. Auden But I Can’t
3. Zoe Caldwell Zoe Caldwell On Behalf of Trees
4. David Garrison Robert Frost The Road Less Traveled
5. Harriet Harris Jack Spicer Any Fool Can Get In The Ocean
6. Deidra O’Connell Jim Harrison Barking
7. Glenn Seven Allen William Shakespeare Sonnet ???
8. Penny Fuller D. H. Lawrence Terra Incognita
9. Douglas Carpenter Walt Whitman To What You Said
10. James Barbour Rudyard Kipling If
11. Musical Interlude: The Dogs of War Poems about Conflicts
12. Daniel Davies C.P. Cavafy Waiting for the Barbarians
13. Kathleen Turner Ariel Dorfman Correspondence
14. Alice Playten Tony Kuschner An Undoing World
15. Ed Dixon Robert Frost Bearer of Evil Tidings
16. Marc Kudsich Fire and Ice Robert Frost
17. Keith McDermott W.B. Yeats The Second Coming
18. Michael York Rudyard Kipling Tommy
19. Paul Schoeffler Wilfred Owen Dulce et Decorum Est
20. Musical Interlude: Immortal Longings Poems about the Eternal
21. Harriet Walter Thomas Hardy The Walk
22. JoBeth Williams John Keats When I Have Fears
23. Danny Burstein Robert Hayden Those Winters Sundays
24. Paul Provenza Donald Justice Men at Forty
25. Jeff McCarthy Billy Collins Coversions
26. James Patrick Stuart Robert Pinsky Doctor Frolic
27. Florence Henderson Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The Day is Done
28. George S. Irving Kenneth Fearing Elegy in a Theatrical Warehouse
29. Richard Thomas Gerard Manley Hopkins Spring and Fall
30. Melissa Errico Jane Kenyon Otherwise
31. Carolyn McCormick Edna St. Vincent Millay Dirge Without Music
32. Rebecca Luker Christina Rossetti Remember
33. Kate Mulgrew Emily Dickinson I Could Not Stop For Death
34. Chip Zien Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Mezzo Cammin
35. Roberta Maxwell Stevie Smith Not Waving by Drowning
36. Louis Zorich Alfred, Lord Tennyson Crossing the Bar
37. Dana Ivey William Ernest Henley Invictus
38. Len Cariou William Shakespeare Ye Elves
39. Geraint Wyn Davies W.B. Yeats In My Craft or Sullen Art
40. Patrick Page William Shakespeare Our Revels Now Are Ended
Associate Producers: Donna Lynne Champlin, Ed Dixon and Scott Mauro

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